Friday, March 2, 2012

More new items... Thread Caddies & Lazy Susan Storage Sewing Centers and so much more!

The Storage / Lazy Susan above is finally done!!!!! It has taken a couple months, but after listening to many of your feedback comments on emails and facebook, it is finally ready. Click the link below to read all the details. A 16" model is my next challenge. It will have our new storage chests with 2 to 4 draws incorporated into the design, giving you more storage. It will also have a second layer/platform stacked on top, to store more of the magnetic gadgets. Follow our blog for more updates and pictures

My brain hurts! An old college friend of mine said this all the time and I now know how he feels. I am constantly thinking of new items that I can make in the shop or ways to improve on an older design. In this blog entry, I will share a few of the ideas that I am working on and a couple that are now available to purchase.

The small caddy to the side is now available with T.J.'s Quick Quilter - Quilting Spoon and Holder. A customer this past week ordered a spoon and a caddy and I thought this would be a nice touch. So now I listed this as another version of the caddy with a spoon included. If you haven't tried spoon quilting, take a look at this youtube video clip... Gayle Roppe demonstrates the technique on a lap frame.

Bean Bags are here! Bean Bags are here!This Bean Bag Base is one of the most exciting creations I have developed for the lap frames. Imagine a comfortable - squishy bean bag clipped to the bottom of your lap frame. Just squish the bag into a comfy position and start hand quilting. The lazy Susan allows you to rotate the frame in any direction. It is also much easier to work with than any of my other designs.

Here is a review from Trina, a very lucky friend that gets to test out many of my new items.

Trina wrote: "I wanted to take a minute to do a quick review of this little beanbag bottom. I've been using mine now for about a week or two, and I'll tell ya, it is such a neat little alternative to the sit on frame. One GREAT thing about it is that I can get up really easily (only have to lift it off my lap & set it aside), which is a good thing since it seems I'm only sitting for 15 minutes at a time! The bean bag part is very comfortable on my lap, and I was really surprised when I saw it actually spins! I LOVE the lazy-susan concept, and it really makes changing directions while quilting so much easier. It's heavy enough that it doesn't slide off my lap, and I'm sure it would work great for those in wheelchairs. It's a great alternative to the sit on frames, which are great for quilting for any lengths of time because the whole weight of the quilt is off my lap. I am SO happy I now have both. :) AND, gotta say, I'm lovin' the little thread caddy because my 'quilting area' on my recliner in my living room is a LOT neater now!"

My attempt at a demo video, not the best, but you get an idea of how it works.

Now with that said... I will be stocking up on Bean Bag stuffing. If you would like to purchase one, I am running an introduction sale. I typically sell all of my base units for $79.99, but for the first twelve that I have built I will be taking $20.00 off. Here is the link...

Rug Braiding Stands?Here is another new item, below, a Rug Braiding Stand. I am sorry it is not for hand quilting but I am sure anyone who does rug braiding will love it. It's a simple stand that grips your wool as you braid it. A spring activated lever on the side releases and grips the material. It stands at a comfortable 36", the perfect height when you are sitting down in a chair. Watch the youtube link to see a similar stand in use.

Storage Boxes?

Storage boxes for all of your sewing needs is another area I am developing with one of my oldest friends, Rick Benevides. In his free time, he has made a few prototype storage chests. Let me start by saying, these are incredibly well constructed! He made half lap joints on all the draws and the outer boxs, recessed the backing and recessed any hinges on the door models. With Rick it is all about the details. And I thought I was picky with the details? With that said, we are selling these storage units for $33.33 each. The one shown below has two added accessories that will be sold seperately. The routered top and the moulded base. This moulded base is actually a unique grooved junction piece. If you want to stack multiple boxes on top of each other, Ricks "junction piece" will connect them in seconds and it looks very decorative too. Our next blog posting will most likely showcase these storage units and all the gadgets that we are working on.

Well, as always, please post any ideas for improvement or any new ideas. Oh, share this blog with your facebook friends too.

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Harry Barnett

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