Monday, November 25, 2013

Have it custom finished...

Yep!  I have added custom finishing.  You pick the color and I will stain and clear coat your lap frame, caddy, sewing center or Featherweight table in the color of your choice.  I added 9 color choices to pick from, including the "unfinished" option and custom color.   Prices will vary, depending on the items size that I need to finish. Most lap frames are $15 while a small caddy will be $7 to $10.  I thought these were reasonably priced and so far most of the orders seem to be coming in with this  added upgrade. 

Pick a color and then confirm your choice below. 
Unfinished - No extra charge
Clear Coat / Natural
Red Oak
Golden Oak
Dark Walnut
Red Mahogany
Special Request Color - Contact me

Here is the tricky part.  You MUST CONFIRM YOUR COLOR CHOICE.  I am having design issues with the website and this little feature is the only way I can add a fee for the finishing on to the invoice.  So when you see this box below, just retype the color you wanted.  If you want it unfinished you don't need to type anything.
Confirm color choice - $15.00

Please visit my website at .

Thank you,
Harry Barnett

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Featherweight 221 Extension Table

It's another day of tinkering in the wood shop.  I should be sanding and building the lap frame and caddy orders that came in to the website recently, but my mind has been distracted on this little  Featherweight extension table that you see here.  My previous design has a little shelf installed that really doesn't hold that much as seen in the top corner picture.  Why did I put it there?  I'm not sure.  Well, I started making a couple tables for customers and I got thinking...  and that's when my productivity stopped!  I thought of installing a small draw for better storage and after hours of trying different variations and asking for a little Facebook feedback, I decided to keep it simple with just 4 legs as seen in the pictures on the left.

What are your thoughts?  Keep it simple with just the 4 adjustable legs or go back to the little mini shelf setup???  Please post a comment here on the Facebook Fan Page.   You could also email me at

Thank you,
Harry Barnett

Thursday, April 25, 2013

New Flip-Up Lap Frame
This lap frame is perfect for the smaller needlework projects such as cross stitch, needlepoint and embroidery work. The 10" hoop as seen here easily pivots up or down, adjusting the angle of your work.  For those of you who need to see the underside of the hoop, this is perfect.  The hoop drops into two grooves on the back support legs.  Loosen the large knob and you can easily lift out the hoop.  I will be making additional size hoops to fit the frame.  I am thinking a 12" and 8" size would be a perfect fit.   You can purchase one on my website at or give me a call at 1-781-248-7291.  You can always contact me a .

Loosen the large knob in the back and the hoop pivots up or down.

Loosen the knob a little more and the hoop can be removed or switched out for a different size hoop.

My friend Nancy gave it a two thumbs up when she tried it out last night.

Easy to use!!!