Thursday, October 18, 2012

Directions on how to assemble your Barnett's Laptop Hoop Floor Stand

If the current trend continues, this Floor Stand and 18" Original Design Lap Frame will be my best selling item for 2015.  I keep making extras to have on hand and it never seems to be enough.  I don't like to praise my own items but it does make me smile every time I finish assembling one.  I really go nuts when I see one all stained up in a golden oak finish or just clear coated.  It's that moment that I truly feel like an artist and I just signed my painting. :)  I love my job and I hope it shows! - Harry B.

After a half dozen times of trying to make a step by step instruction insert to go in the box with each Floor Stand, I finally gave up and figured the Blog and Youtube would be an easy way to share it.  Pictures are worth a thousand words so they say and I have to agree.  I am definitely a visual person!  Don't tell me how to do something, show me once and I'll remember it forever.  By the way, that beautiful quilt on display above was sent to us by Dominique in France.  Love the colors!   In addition, I have to thank Mary for sending us some amazing pictures of her using the stand at a quilt show in Martha's Vineyard.  Both of you, thanks for sharing with us.

To watch a Youtube video of the quick assembly click here.

Step 1.
Unpack your new Floor Stand.
Step 2.
Remove the top T-knob and washer.

Step 3.
Pull out the bolt.
Step 4.
Lift center pole into place.
Step 5.
Insert bolt back in the hole.
Step 6.
Replace washer and tighten T-knob.

Step 7.
Install the back plate on the remaining bolts.
Step 8.
Tighten the washers and 5 lobe knobs.
Step 9.
Slide the arm onto the pole and set the height.

Step 10.
It should now look like this.
Step 11.
Now clip your magnetic lap frame to the lazy Susan.

Step 12.
I hope this makes sense.  Please email me if you should have any questions or think something needs to be better explained in the setup directions.  I think it is an easy process, but then again, I designed it.
Take care,
Harry Barnett
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I copied and pasted a few of the product reviews below.

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Product Reviews

  1. Handsome Stand is Art Itself

    Posted by Unknown on 1st Jan 2015
    I have my new floor stand and hoop loaded with my latest project in the living room. It easily slides under my chair for hand-stitching whenever I have a few minutes or more. The stand is beautifully crafted and easily adjusts in height for me to sit in various places according to the best light of the day. The overall design reflects smart engineering and simplicity of construction, making this a perfect addition to our Craftsman home.

  2. Feel like a Quilter

    Posted by Janet Joyner on 31st Dec 2014
    As a beginner I have been struggling with perfecting the technique of hand quilting. Along with my "Aunt Becky" My new hoop and floor stand are the answers I have been looking for. My stitches are improving, becoming uniform and smaller each day. I love my Barnett products. Great quality and I loved the video showing how to put it together. Thank you Harry.

  3. Another beautiful and functional product!

    Posted by Vanessa on 5th Oct 2014
    I am a new hand quilter. After ordering the 14 in square vented hoop and being amazed by the quality, I decided to go ahead and order the stand as well.
    As another reviewer stated, the difference in having the stand is amazing! It is so much easier to quilt this way, since the height is adjustable. The magnets on the back of the hoop make it so easy to attach to the rotating top of the stand.
    It helps you keep the correct posture while quilting, your back and neck will thank you!
    Again, the craftsmanship is beautiful! This stand also looks great as a piece of furniture, without a quilt in it. The finish is smooth and beautifully stained.
    I highly recommend this stand if you are planning on ordering one of Harry's hoops or already own one. It is definitely worth the price and will make your (quilting) life a lot easier!

  4. Great hoop and Stand

    Posted by Peggy on 3rd Aug 2014
    I've found quilting a large piece very awkward and hot. SO I bit the bullet and ordered one of Harry's round 16" hoops. I love it because I can get my hand right in there to feel my needle without having to hold up a heavy quilt! BUT I'm only 5'2" and it was very large for the short length of my lap. SO once again I splurged and bought the stand. Oh my goodness, the difference that made. I love being able to turn the hoop in whatever direction I need too and let it stay from day to day on the stand. Right now I'm hand quilting a large, heavy t-shirt quilt but my next project is a small baby cross stitch quilt. I know Harry's stand will be versitile enough for most things I do. NOW practicallity aside, the work is beautiful. The cutting, the sanding, the staining is all excellant. I could not have spent my money in a better way. I'm 67 years old and this stand has made my quilting so much easier. I know I can pass the stand down to my daughters because it will be around much longer than I will! :)) Thanks Harry!!

  5. Quality Floor Stand

    Posted by Unknown on 8th May 2014
    The stand is beautiful! I can't wait to get a piece in it. The finish is so fine. The natural look is so rich. The stand was easy to assemble and looks great in the living room!!