Thursday, April 28, 2011

New Barnett's Laptop Hoop Frames!!!

Well I have been inspired to start blogging again. Where do I start?

My last posting was about our new website, Just an update, it is taking a lot longer than originally planned. It is so much work to type into the computer the one thousand titles, prices and descriptions of all the books. I am probably a quarter of the way done. I may launch it a little earlier to work out any bugs, but I want at least 500 titles to start out.

A recent addition to Laptop Hoops are the 16" Vented Lap Frames. It seemed like a good idea, and it was! Orders for the Vented Design just keep coming in on a weekly basis. Oh, the Vented Frames are simply a lighter version of our Original design and it allows heat to "vent" off your lap, thus the name! Feedback from the customers who have purchased it absolutely love it! I get calls and emails from them, just telling me to expect more orders, since they were showing it off in class. I have been working on an 18" version too. I would expect it to be too large for most quilters to use on their lap, but it would be perfect for our Floor Frame. Look for this size to be listed in early May of 2011.

Design Changes - The 12" Travel Frame, now comes with 3 legs, v.s. 4 legs. The 12" hoop is so compact/strong, I thought by removing the extra leg, it would allow more room to maneuver your arms and hands. It works great!

I almost forgot - 16" Border Frames have been added to the site. Additionally, I have offered the option of having magnets installed on the bottom to work with our unique bases. If you are new to our designs, I install 4 to 8 magnets on the bottom of the laptop base. These attach to a small lazy susan spinner on the lower base. This cool option allows you to "pop" off the upper frame whenever you want. It makes adjusting your fabric a breeze. It also allows you to use our frame with or without the base. Another cool option is the top laptop frame can be used on any of our other bases. Hint, tell your significant other to buy you a Floor Frame for your birthday. It would go great with that Vented Frame you purchased recently!!! Now I am just rambling...

Well it's back to the shop for me. I am revising the 14" Vented Frame slightly... new location for the logo and a large center hole. Basically, it will look like the 16" size for consistency and a bit lighter.

Take care,
Harry Barnett

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  1. I love hand quilting, this is such a.great idea, no more tired hands from holding the hoop!