Wednesday, July 20, 2011

New Square Hoops for hand quilting and so much more...

Well here it is... one of our first frames made with a square hoop. Over the years, I have had requests for a square design, but could never locate a quality source of hoops. I tried to steam bend my own, with little to no luck. Recently, I did find a source of high quality German Hoops.

These are awesome to work with. The advantages are easy to see. The square hoop is the one to use when quilting borders and blocks inside the quilt top. You can secure three sides of your quilt equally, and have the edge of the border running through the center of the hoop and quilt all the way to the edge. In addition, when a block fits inside the hoop, it allows you to quilt one block at a time, without moving the hoop.

It looks like this will be one of our best sellers. Our facebook fanpage received more comments and "likes" than any posting we had all year. Sales in the first week wiped out my stock of 14" hoops and I had to reorder almost instantly. Pictured above is beautiful quilt top in a 14" frame that one of our first customers is working on. She requested a Vented version and I was happy to make it and add it to our assortment.

Oh, I can make them in 12",14" and 16" sizes and they are interchangeable with any of our lap bases and floor frame. I have not uploaded every size and style to the website, so just send us a quick email if you do not see the size or model you want.

Our email is or our phone number is 781-248-7291. Our home page is

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