Saturday, November 5, 2011

Free Hand Quilting Laptop Hoop Frame Contest and News!

It has been a while since I sent out an update / news letter. Recently we have expanded into making Extension Tables for Singer Featherweights. Square Hoops are now in the Laptop Hoop product line along with a Collapsible Travel Frame . We have a book division, Discount Quilt Books with over 1,000 book titles, all about quilting and most are marked 25% to 50% off everyday. We have a SALE always running on something at BLH and have a special "Book of the Day" at DQB that is up to 75% off. We are developing many new items too, travel bags for your lap frames, an Economy version of the Original Laptop Hoop, a Bobbin Lace Laptop Hoop, Rug Hooking Frame and a new lap base that utilizes a large bean bag to sit on your lap. Watch our facebook fan page or our blog for more details.

A new contest was also just launched. Share your favorite quilting tip or trick and you are instantly entered to win a free laptop hoop frame. Enter before Dec. 20th, 2011 for the random drawing.


We had a contest winner on Dec. 20th, Nancy from Texas. She won a new 14" Square Laptop Hoop. Congrats to Nancy!

As always, please pass our links on to a friend. Your support of this small family run business is greatly appreciated.

Thank you,
Harry and Merry Barnett
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