Sunday, November 24, 2013

Featherweight 221 Extension Table

It's another day of tinkering in the wood shop.  I should be sanding and building the lap frame and caddy orders that came in to the website recently, but my mind has been distracted on this little  Featherweight extension table that you see here.  My previous design has a little shelf installed that really doesn't hold that much as seen in the top corner picture.  Why did I put it there?  I'm not sure.  Well, I started making a couple tables for customers and I got thinking...  and that's when my productivity stopped!  I thought of installing a small draw for better storage and after hours of trying different variations and asking for a little Facebook feedback, I decided to keep it simple with just 4 legs as seen in the pictures on the left.

What are your thoughts?  Keep it simple with just the 4 adjustable legs or go back to the little mini shelf setup???  Please post a comment here on the Facebook Fan Page.   You could also email me at

Thank you,
Harry Barnett

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  1. I saw your braided rug stands on ebay (8/2015), which brought me to your website. I'm interested also in your featherweight extension table, wondering how much one of those might be finished?
    Very nice work and design on both of these items!! I shall return when the cash begins to flow again (grin). Nancy B in Arizona, fulltime RVers in our retirement yrs.