Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow storm??? Well it finally came at 8:00 p.m.

Today was the day of the big storm. A wicked bad Nor'easter was coming. School was released early, my wife stayed home from work and all activities for the kids were canceled. And we waited, and waited all day. Just rain! Well just rain until now. It finally came, snow, snow and more of it. I can't wait to shovel out in the morning.

Well, this is a blog about hand quilting, not the weather. Today I spent the entire day dedicated to making quilt frames in the shop. At this point I can tell you...I hate saw dust. It covers everything!!! For anyone who buys one of my Tilt & Spin designs, let me tell you how much work goes into each. Well it's a long process that has too many steps to elaborate about here. The price of $99 should probably go to $199. Now I know why the competition charges so much.
I am just tired now, so sorry for the rambling. I actually enjoyed working in the shop all day. It's my little place at home that I can escape to and be creative. I figured out a way to have multiple settings on the Tilt & Spin today after 6 other failed attempts. Good news on the failed attempts, I now have kindling for the fireplace.

Well, email me if you find and actually read my blog. I think it's turning into a documentary of how to start an online business selling woodworking.

Good night to all,

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