Saturday, April 17, 2010

Who needs thumbs???

Oh yes, I had a close call with my new scroll saw. It was just a small cut but it woke me up rather quickly. Well I have been bending more hoops in the shop and it has been a frustrating endeavor. I want perfection every time and I hate that learning curve one must go through to get it. Today I learned, the wood must fully dry out from the steaming process before I can glue up the ends. Glue doesn't like wet wood.

The day has not been a total waste. I was able to shoot off a dozen emails to various quilters this morning and received a wonderful picture from our first customer to buy a "Sit - On" frame. Her smile was perfect!!! I believe her husband shot the picture on his cell phone as she was initially trying it out. She made my day even if I nearly cut my thumb off.

Here is an amusing note. My kids love the new magnetic frames. They have been playing with them, sticking each one to the dishwasher, trash can and the refrigerator. It does look funny! It did give me an idea to make little magnets with our Website on it, to go in the box with every purchase. Nobody throws away a magnet! That little idea cost me $225.00 to the guy who makes the wood brands. I use Brandnew in CA., but it is worth every penny.

Recently I have partnered up with Fiber Arts / Mixed Media to try a new promo. We are giving away a $25 coupon to the purchase of any frame or hoop, if you win Susan Sorrell's challenge. Check it out at http//

May 4th is coming soon. Why is that important? It is the date our frames will be featured in the Fons & Porter magazine, Love of Quilting. I need to thank Jodi Davis for this one! She runs the QNNt.v. Website and she also took a couple of the frames to test out. I am hoping for a nice little spot in a show with a quick demo.

Well it is time to surprise my wife. I am actually going out with her for a night of fine food with the company of old friends. She says, I am never ready on time...but today I am going to be early.

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