Friday, January 13, 2012

bean bag

I am excited to announce our new lap base for any of our Laptop Hoops that have those little magnets on the bottom. This new base has a large bean bag on the bottom, allowing you to squish the lap frame into a comfortable position on you lap. Easily find that comfortable angle. No knobs to turn! It also has our trade mark lazy susan spinner that allows for effortless movement when you need to turn your project.

Another new item is our Deluxe Thread/Notion Caddy.

This Deluxe Thread Caddy has a couple added features. A small lazy susan spinner is mounted below the center rack. This allows you to easily access many of your necessary items that you use while hand quilting or sewing. Thread can be easily refilled by removing the wing nuts on the side. A small container of beeswax is included with your purchase. The bees wax has a unique holder that pivots up in front of your thread. This allows you to easily draw your thread through the wax. A Clover Desk Needle Threader is mounted on the side with a magnet to help keep it in place when not in use. On the opposite side we have left this area open for your favorite pin cushion or any other gadget you may need. You can store two of you favorite thimbles on the wooden dowels that have been mounted on the base while a slotted area in the back holds scissors, pencils and more. A small magnet is installed on the back to hold pins and needles.

Thread caddy can hold...

  • spool of thread

  • scissors

  • seam rippers

  • marking pencils

  • 2 thimbles

  • needles

  • pins

  • bees wax (included with purchase)

  • Clover Desk Needle Threader (included with purchase)
    and anything else that you can stuff into it!

Makes a great gift!!! Note: All the goodies pictured in the caddy are for display purpose only, except for the beeswax holder and needle threader.

Here is another quilting gadget that you may want to give a try someday. An Aunt Becky Finger Protector can make your stitches go much faster, with a bit of practice. I have been told it is not easy to master, but those who do, love it! Click this youtube link to see a quick demo.

Have a cute quilting or sewing cartoon. Send them to me at I would love to post and share them on our facebook fan page or our next blog.

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