Friday, January 27, 2012

Thread Caddy - As requested by our facebook fans!

Caddy Update: 02/25/2012  (Note: This is an old posting and I have since made many improvements. Please checkout the website or new blog postings for more accurate information. 09/04/2012)

Its a cold Saturday here in Kingston, Massachusetts and I spent all day tinkering in the shop, trying to find the best setup for our Deluxe Thread Caddy. This is a ton of fun but is not as easy as one may think. My good buddy Rod kept me company for a while and shared his words of wisdom and a couple cold ones. After many hours of rearranging the setup, trying different size lazy susans - this seems to be the most functional work station so far.

The center rack is our original Thread Caddy that we sell for $24.99. You can read more about this small unit if you scroll down the blog posting. This unit just sits in the center of this lazy susan setup, and can be removed if you want to use it elsewhere.

I included two peg racks for holding extra spools of thread. You will be able to pick the rack that works best for your needs. One will hold spools that are 1.75" in diameter while the other rack will hold the embroidery spools. (If I am missing a size, please send me a message.) Maybe I should make one for the larger cones?

The next little gadget is a magnetic pin cushion that you see in the front of the unit. A powerful 3/4" magnet sits in the middle of the little wooden bowl.

On the back of the unit is an area to store up to 3 rulers / templates. I grooved out a block of wood to hold them in place and installed a decorative "Thread Spool" back board. I am looking for ideas on what could be attached to this back board. If you have one... post a message.

I haven't finalized the design yet. I really, really want your input.

You may notice the beeswax holder has been replaced with a blue box of Thread Heaven. I am just experimenting with this idea as an option. I need to chat with someone who uses the Thread Heaven. If you think this spot would work, please comment!

I need ideas on what could go on this back plate.

Well that's it for today's progress. I look forward to your input.

Thanks again,

Harry Barnett

As a little side note: I have extended a sale on our Floor Stand for the laptop hoops. It's worth checking out.
Caddy Update: 2/16/2012
Still tinkering with a Deluxe Caddy as seen above. This time I made the base larger and put it on a lazy susan spinner. I was thinking of adding a couple small dowels for two extra spools. On the back side I have a spot for a Clover Desk Threader. If it is going to be mounted to this Caddy, I want it to have a magnetic connector. The bad news is it adds about $7.00 in magnet costs... so I need to find a better solution or less expensive magnets. I bet I can get a smaller magnet to do the job. Time to go shopping on eBay! The magnet that you can see on the back of the caddy, the little silver circle, will hold about 19.0 lbs. Strong little bugger!!! It's a bit of over kill at the moment for a couple of pins / needles but it happens to be what I have in stock in the shop for my lap frames. The dowels for the thimbles will be a bit shorter than before. On Friday, I will be experimenting with Thread Heaven holder vs Beeswax. This could be a requested option.

As always... send me your ideas at and I will try to incorporate it into the design.


Updated - Feb. 14th, 2012
Additional small mini magnet is now installed on the right hand side of the beeswax block. It's not shown in this picture. It's the perfect spot to place your needle! I also enlarged the opening for the thread spools. It will hold a spool that measures up to 3.00".
- Harry

Updated - Feb. 4th, 2012

Well, I have been tinkering again with the design of our Thread Caddy. The latest upgrade is the beeswax holder is no longer held on with Velcro. I moved it to the lower bolt and seated it into a precision cut holder. This was not an easy task, but I think it is so worth it. Now you can just pull thread off the spool and run it through the beeswax. When the wax needs to be moved or replaced, just loosen the wing nut and it will pivot down. Now you can just pop the container out and pop a new one in. I just wish I thought of it earlier. It's crazy how I will obsess over an idea and then it just hits me. As of 2/15/2012 the caddy can hold thread spools that measure up to 2.75".

I have been toying around with a "Deluxe Version" in the pictures below.

Still working out the bugs... but should be coming soon!
This "Deluxe Caddy" will have a Clover Desk Needle Threader, a lazy susan spinner and a location for your favorite pin cushion. On top of the lazy susan, I'll mount the original Thread Caddy. This should complete the little work station. I am thinking it would retail for $39.99 to $49.99. It depends on how many magnets, bells & whistles that get installed. As always, this is still a work in progress - so email me or post a comment if you have any ideas for improvements. I am open to any ideas.

Oh, please share our link with your facebook friends. As many of you know, I am a one man shop, trying to stay busy making our Barnett's Laptop Hoops, Featherweight Tables and now Thread Caddies. I have been blessed that orders come in almost daily now, but I could still use a little help now and then with a facebook "SHARE".

Thank you,

Harry Barnett

This was my first design...

I just updated the design - a little simpler and less expensive. I have a feeling I'll make a larger caddy but for now this seems to be a simple and practical caddy. I included two thread holders, two thimble holders, a magnet on the back to hold pins and needles, a slot to hold scissors, seam ripper, pencils, etc and on the far left side a container of beeswax that is held on with velcro.

Thread Caddy / Notion Holder from Barnett's Laptop Hoops - Click here to purchase.  Note: Design changes will happen over time.  This is now an older posting and the caddy has had some nice updates. Take a look!

The picture below is an older posting - earlier today. I changed my mind! - Harry

Well, I have been tinkering for a couple hours now on the thread caddy. This is my first attempt, so be kind on any comments. I am trying to keep it simple. So far I have a spot for holding two rolls of thread. These are held in place with a 4" bolt and an "Easy Turn" knob. Super easy to pull it out and replace. In the back of the caddy, I placed a 1/2" slot that can hold a pair of scissors, seam ripper, marking pencil, etc. The bottom plate will have rounded corners and a spot to hold bees wax and cone thread. I am thinking of keeping the other side open for a Clover Desk Needle Threader. Somewhere on the unit will be a magnet that will hold extra pins and needles.

Most likely, I will develop a couple variations to meet your needs. As I said above, this is my first attempt. Any input from our readers would be greatly appreciated. Please post here or on facebook.

Thank you,

Harry Barnett

P.S. The cute little girl in the picture is Payton Jane Barnett, my baby girl. We get to work together when Merry and my other kids are at school. I love working at home! If you look in the background, you may notice an Octagonal Rug Hooking Frame on a Bean Bag Base. This is the project I was working on earlier in the day.

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