Saturday, February 25, 2012

Storage Solutions for the sewing room and sew much more...

We put these two on a lazy susan. Add a few pegs for thread and any other requested gadgets and you have a nice work station. Keep scrolling down to see more options and ideas. Please keep in mind this is a work in progress. Doors and draws will be added along with other accessories. YOU TELL US WHAT WOULD BE USEFUL!

Stack them in any order...

Arrange them any way you desire.

Add more units if you need them.

Storage Solutions? Sewing Center? What do you think? Are we on to something useful?

Recently we have been playing with the idea of a storage box to tuck away many of the sewing gadgets and thread that you have in your sewing room. The problem we had was we couldn't come up with a product that everyone could use. There are so many different needs. My partner on this project, Rick, was trying to come up with a generic solution that everyone could use. It wasn't working but we were inspired to come up with this concept. We build a standard size box, 8"H x 8"W x 5.5"D and add options to each. Doors, draws, pull out shelves, thread holders, magnet strips, hanging blocks, etc. You get to pick how the box is set up and how many boxes you may need. You can always come back at a later time to add to your storage center with another box.

These little boxes could be used for just about any room in the house but we will be focusing on the sewing room for now. Since Rick and I are woodworkers, I ask that you send us your requests, ideas, likes and dislikes. We need your help! Please post your thoughts here or on facebook.

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