Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Featherweight 221 Book - Third Edition by Nancy Johnson-Srebro

Featherweights have a special following with quilters and become one of their most prized possessions. I inherited my mothers 221 years ago and I am sure I will proudly pass it down to one of my three daughters someday. Now, for those of you that know know I can't sew a stitch or even operate one of these accurately. I am a woodworker and inventor - I can't quilt! However, I do find this little machine to be absolutely fascinating in so many levels. From the compact size, lightweight design and quality workmanship from a era that has truly gone by. It is no wonder why this little antique is adored so much and collected by so many.

The book I have featured today on the blog is Featherweights 221 - The Perfect Portable And Its Stitches Across History. The author, Nancy Johnson-Srebro started collecting Featherweights in 1990 when her husband put no just one, but two under the Christmas tree. She instantly fell in love with the little portable. Years later, she published her first book on the subject and it has now been revised to a third edition. If you own or are thinking about purchasing a Featherweight of your own, this is a must have book for your resource collection.

Here is a little introduction...

"Quite possibly the best known, most interesting and sought-after American sewing machine of all time is the Singer Model 221 Featherweight. A "breakthrough" machine when born, it was a winner from the start. The Featherweight represented a successful effort by a great and famous company to meet its customer's needs. you can trace the flow and ebb, the changes of taste, in its history. And the Model 221 just plain refuses to die! Even today, some twenty seven years since it left the line, the Perfect Portable is more popular than ever with a new generation of quilt makers, seamstresses and collectors. This book will help you appreciate, find and use this wonderful and beloved portable sewing machine."

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