Saturday, August 20, 2011

Small design change on our Original Design Laptop Hoop.

Small design changes...

As of 8/15/2011 I will install the magnets onto the base of all Original Design Frames. This will make it so much easier for future customers to upgrade a frame to a model that spins and tilts. No longer will you have to screw a conversion kit magnet plate onto the bottom.
As of today, our sister website, Discount Quilt Books has over 650 books listed!!! My wife, Merry has done an incredible job adding books to the site on a daily basis. If you have not scrolled through our book selection, you are going to be in for a pleasant surprise. You may actually be overwhelmed! We still have a couple hundred more titles to enter, so if you don't see a book that you wanted, email us. We may have it, but just haven't got a chance to enter it.

Tips and Tricks...
I will try to post some tip links from time to time, to keep the blog true to its original purpose - hand quilting. Todays link is all about thimbles. I have been fascinated by how many types of thimbles are on the market and how difficult it is to find a perfect fit. This post on the Quilting Board, will help you improve your needlework or at least your sore finger tips.

P.S. I like the posting where a woman makes her own thimbles out of bandaides, milk cartons and duct tape!

- Harry Barnett

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