Friday, September 2, 2011

Sew many new items at Barnetts Laptop Hoops / Discount Quilt Books

Sew what's new??? Oh, there is always something new on our website. We recently added a new thimble, a great little desk threader and a mini travel iron.

The thimble is a Colonial Lady Fingers and has received some great reviews. It is an open top thimble which is great if you have long finger nails. The yellow cushioned surface grips the needle and gives you a greater stitch control. It comes in 3 sizes.

The desk threader is another nifty little item that got great reviews when I posted it on our facebook fan page. This little desk threader from Clover will make threading those needles so much easier. If you are over 40, those eyes just aint working the way they use to work and a gizmo like this comes in handy. It is as simple as pushing a button and it is threaded!

Another nice item that will come in handy and I am sure you will have to show it off is the Mighty Travel Iron from Dritz. This is a very compact and lightweight travel iron that is great for quilting and crafts. It heats up quick too.

What else is new??? How about books? There are too many books that have recently been entered into our website that I can't even imagine starting a list, but here are three new releases from the publishers. The Best of Fons & Porters "Tabletop Quilts" and "Scrap Quilts" along with "Make Your Bed".

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