Sunday, September 18, 2011

Thumbs up for the Mighty Travel Iron!

Might Iron gets a thumbs up review from a customer.

We just got a nice review of the New Mighty Iron from Dritz and I thought it would be nice to share it with you.


Here is what she wrote:

I absolutely LOVE my new cute little travel iron. It is just so much better than the other plastic iron that I already owned. First of all the weight difference is significant, so the feel of the iron in my hand just seems so much more durable. Secondly, I always had a problem with my old travel iron's plug falling out. This ones plug is securely attached so no more problems.

Another GREAT thing about this iron, is the ability to also use it as a small steam iron if you would like! You can also use it dry, (which I prefer most of the time in my quilting) and what's perfect, the face plate isn't covered totally with steam holes so I also have solid face plate to iron with. No more little circles from the holes when I press - like a typical steam iron would make. The iron heats up really fast and stays hot. It's so nice to have a smaller iron sitting next to me instead of my huge household-sized iron. (I always seem to be heated out by it.) I certainly give this new toy of mine a thumbs up!!!

- Trina

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