Wednesday, September 7, 2011

New Featherweight 221 Table from Barnett's Laptop Hoops

New pictures of the FW 221/222k Extension Table. This is an example of the Baltic Birch Unfinished Table. I can't wait to see how it looks with a light stain and a few coats of poly. It will definitely be beautiful. I will post/edit the blog page again with the new pictures.

The picture below is the flip side. Notice the storage book shelf and the adjustable legs.

I just listed one on Ebay if anyone is looking to purchase one. Click here!

Oh, I bet my mother would have loved to have one of these. I have been toying with the idea of making a small extension table for my little Featherweight 221 and today was the day. I am happy to say, every detail came out perfect on the first one. The fit is nice and tight all around the machines edge and the height is perfect, since I installed four adjustable feet. You might have noticed it comes apart into two pieces. This is an extension kit for those customers who want a longer version. This version measures 23.5" x 16.0" and and the extension adds another 23 1/2" to its overall length. Three magnets pictured on the left, connect the two tables together. Each corner has been rounded to allow your fabric to glide easily across the table top. Underneath the table is a small storage area to hide a book or a few small notions. The table pictured here is made of solid pine, finished with a mahogany stain and couple coats of polyurethane. Customers will have the option of solid pine or Baltic birch plywood. This one is the solid pine version, finished with mahogany stain and a polyurethane clear coat. In addition we will have a choice of 4 color options, natural, golden oak, mahogany or unfinished. Each table is made to order. Please allow 3 to 5 days for build time. The clear coat must be fully dry before we attempt to ship the table.

To order your new Featherweight table visit are website link at In addition to the Extension table we also sell the book, Featherweight 221, "The Perfect Portable" by Nancy Johnson Srebro. This little book takes you through the history of the machine and all the little details you will need to know, if you own one. Another must have item!

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